Aboriginal Community Engagement Group

The Local Action Agreement

A Statement from the Aboriginal Community Engagement Group

The National Urban and Regional Service Delivery Strategy (URS) is a plan to improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People living in cities and towns.

The Australian, State and Local Governments will work with community to ensure that the strategy makes a difference for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in South Australia.

The URS is a way to improve services for Aboriginal People and contribute to the COAG (Commonwealth Of Australian Governments) Closing the Gap targets.

The intent of the Port Augusta URS is to develop a place based model driven by a Local Action Agreement that has as its aim the alignment of local resources and networks to deliver more effective services to the Port Augusta Aboriginal Community in a way that will work towards Closing the Gap. The Local Action Agreement is a partnership between:

The initial phase of the LAA will focus on four priority areas identified by ACEG being:

After much community consultation and service provider forums under each of the four priority action areas the Local Action Agreement was developed. The LAA has been endorsed across all three levels of Government and was officially launched and signed off on, on Thursday the 28th of March 2013.

We encourage the community of Port Augusta to support the LAA and for local service providers to incorporate the document into their service delivery.

Your feedback on the Local Action Agreement is welcomed, please feel free to contact the Aboriginal Community Engagement Officers with your comments or queries.

Download the full Local Action Agreement

Local Action Agreement Summary