Aboriginal Community Engagement Group

History & Background

State, Australian & Local Government Partnership and Engagement

All three tiers of Government make the commitment to work together with Community to ensure that the Urban and Regional Strategy makes a difference for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.

Aboriginal Community Engagement Group

The Aboriginal Community Engagement Group was formed following community forums and meetings, these people were nominated to represent the broader Aboriginal Community. This group are Key Stakeholders in the Initiative and are at the forefront of ensuring that the Initiative is driven by Aboriginal People who live in Port Augusta and Davenport Community.

Port Augusta Community Engagement and Consultation

There were numerous Consultation Meetings with the Aboriginal Community in regards to the Initiative, identifying and prioritising Issues.

Service Provider Forums/Meetings

Small scale meetings were held with key service providers to start discussions and to update on the progress of the URSPAI.

Service Mapping

The three tiers of government have been collating information to create a service mapping document that outlines what services and programs are being delivered in Port Augusta. This is a work in progress and will remain a working document that will assist in the process.

Prioritising Issues & Building Blocks

Through numerous consultation processes the 4 Building Blocks were identified as priority areas for Port Augusta;

  1. Healthy Homes
  2. Safe Communities
  3. Learning (a combination of Early Childhood and Schooling)
  4. Governance and Leadership

The other Closing the Gap Building Blocks will be addressed at a later date.

Identifying Strategies

From feedback provided, engagement and consultation with community, and the unpacking of the issues, strategies were identified that target the 4 identified building blocks.

Identifying Actions

Priority Actions were identified to fit with the priority strategies.

Development of first stages of the Local Action Agreement

The Aboriginal Communities Engagement Group have developed the first phase of the Local Action Agreement. This agreement is based on community views and includes priority areas for change, high priority strategies and actions.